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Putin attends Russian navy day parade saying 26 new ships will be loaded this year

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Wang Shuang: if you don't go out, I'm afraid you won't have a chance to thank Paris for choosing me.

Li Xiaopeng: luneng failed both ends of attack and defense in the worst match of the year. 3d graphics programming Softbank's mobile unit may push for the largest IPO in the world: listing in the earliest fourth quarter

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Russia says China's arms donation to Philippines strengthens mutual trust and Philippines is determined to get rid of its dependence on the United StatesPolice apologise for more than 600 days of wrongful imprisonment for men involved in 3 - death series of drug poisoning cases

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Red car will open to the Baoding township government, when they stuck an unknown depth of the pit size, the whole body not retreat. Wie helplessly driver beat a few steering wheel, angrily said that the township's leadership really do not know what the road is full of people to fill a pit nor arrange to fill in, they really do not know is how one day and out![Richmond]

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Snow business said, I not like you, you have enjoyed the sweet love, happy marriage had time, I did not, I have only failed marriage. I read the first two days when I had this fantasy of love, but I never had the courage to take the initiative to pursue my loved ones, the result was another girl robbed before. Facts have proved that the boy was brought to give his partner who love and happy marriage. I look for you, I can not let the same mistake made twice.[Saint Paul]

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